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- Analyse, assess the environmental impacts based on market mechanism: the current economic development of the localities, regions, countries and its impacts on the environment; forecast the consequences of unsustainable development in the future.

          - The relationship between sustainable development and environmental protection and management: Awareness and approaches to sustainable development, assessment of sustainable development of localities/regions /nations, the orientation of the management and environmental protection to achieve sustainable development for the economy.

          - Experiences in environmental management for the sustainable economic development in the localities, nations and regions…; The impacts of the government policies on sustainable development.

- The relationship between resources, population, economy and environment: Assess and forecast the the level of depletion of resources and its impacts on economic development and environment systems.

- The causes, consequences of climate changes in Vietnam and in the world; Solutions for climate changes; Environmental pollutions and management of environmental pollutions.

          - Environmental management from different aspects: the government, enterprise, community….; the responsibilities, duties and rights of parties in environmental management and sustainable development; the collaboration of all concerning parties in environmental management.