A. 447 March 26 Road,
Hatinh City, Vietnam

+84 239 885 376

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Area: 5,997.8 sq. km.
Population: 1,230.5 thousand habitants (2012).
Capital: Ha Tinh City.
Administrative divisions:

- Town: Hong Linh, Ky Anh.
- Districts: Huong Son, Duc Tho, Nghi Xuan, Can Loc, Huong Khe, Thach Ha, Cam Xuyen, Vu Quang, Loc Ha.
Ethnic groups: Viet (Kinh), Thai, Muong, Chut.

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Written by Admin HTU

Huong Tich Pagoda is located halfway up the flame of Huong Tich – one in seven of Hong Linh mountain clouds playing beautiful, majestic symbol of the small country parish Art. Hong Linh with low 99 high tops 100 in association with legendary...

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