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For International Conference on Environmental Management

and Sustainable Development

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After 30 years of innovation along with regional and international integration, Vietnam has made outstanding achievements in economic development, diplomacy and political stability. However, the country’s development is still unsustainable, which creates a need for drawing development policy which can balance the need for economic development with environmental protection and social equity. Therefore, it is necessary to do research on the relationship between economic growth and environmental management. For this reason, Ha Tinh University is holding the international conference on Environmental Management and Sustainable Development”.

1. Objective

The conference aims to provide a forum for academics, authorities and enterprises to share research, experience in resource and environmental management, sustainable economic development. Moreover, this is also the chance for participants to discuss the strategy and solutions to deal with environmental challenges and sustainable development in the context of climate change.

2. Content

The conference will focus on the following main contents:

- Analyse, assess the environmental impacts based on market mechanism: the current economic development of the localities, regions, countries and its impacts on the environment; forecast the consequences of unsustainable development in the future.

          - The relationship between sustainable development and environmental protection and management: Awareness and approaches to sustainable development, assessment of sustainable development of localities/regions /nations, the orientation of the management and environmental protection to achieve sustainable development for the economy.

          - Experiences in environmental management for the sustainable economic development in the localities, nations and regions…; The impacts of the government policies on sustainable development.

- The relationship between resources, population, economy and environment: Assess and forecast the the level of depletion of resources and its impacts on economic development and environment systems.

- The causes, consequences of climate changes in Vietnam and in the world; Solutions for climate changes; Environmental pollutions and management of environmental pollutions.

- Environmental management from different aspects: the government, enterprise, community….; the responsibilities, duties and rights of parties in environmental management and sustainable development; the collaboration of all concerning parties in environmental management.

          3. Language and summary record

Language: English and Vietnamese (Priorities are given to English paper)

Summary record: Approved papers will be published in summary records of the conference

4. Location and time of the conference

Location: Ha Tinh University, No 447, 26/3 Road, Dai Nai Ward, Ha Tinh City, Ha Tinh Province.

Time: 01 day, schedulded to be held in March 15th 2017

5. Participants

- Policy makers from Ha Tinh People Committee and departments in Ha Tinh Province

- Leaders and lecturers from Ha Tinh University

- Lecturers and researchers from universities, academies and colleges in Vietnam; Enterprise representative in Vietnam.

 - Experts from Fulbright (USA); Loyola University; Portland University; Nakhonphanom University; Kasetsart Univeristy (Thailand); Lao National University and experts from other universities and research institutes.

             6. Registration and format of the paper

            a) Registration

            All papers are to be sent directly to email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

            Deadline: Before 16.30 February 15th 2017.

            b) Format of the paper

Authors are invited to submit their abstract reporting original unpublished research and recent developments (written in English and/or Vietnamese) in the topics related to the conference. A full paper should comprise 5 to 8 pages in length, exclusive of references, written in Time New Roman font, 13 point, single line space, page size corresponding to A4; top margin: 3cm, bottom, left and right margins: 2cm; References that appear in the text must appear in the references list in a, b, c, and follow the structure: Author's surname, year of publication, Title of publication, edition, Publisher's name, Place of publication; foreign terms and names must be written in Latin characters.

Full paper must comply with submission guidelines including: abstract, key words, introduction, methodology, results, conclusions, references (using APA style);

For further information, please contact:

Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Nhung

            Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;  Mobile: 0977.969.707

We look forward to your participation!

Best regards,


Associate Professor of Economics

Presidents of Ha Tinh University